Influencer Program

Influencer is a business system whereby
  • 1.Have Your Own Domain

    You will have your own domain-name (like

  • 2.Your Domain Redirected to us

    Your domain name will be connected to our website throw special technology method

  • 3.Marketing Our Domain

    You Promote your domain-name, and marketing on it

  • 4.Trace your Visitor

    123Turkey handles all the visitors’ transaction order coming from your channel

  • 5.Commission on your account

    After any complete order, the commission will be added to your account.

  • 6.Withdraw from Application

    You will have an account which shows all your earring transaction history and you could request withdraw the earning amount to your paypal or bank account In anytime.

  • Use your own domain name instead of promotes other domain name

  • 5%-15%commission on all categories and products

  • Friendly application shows your visitors order detail

  • No need coupons or link, just your domain name

  • Reputation for your name

  • Easy withdraw commissions to your paypal or bank account

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What is influencer Program?

Influencer Program is new marketing method in 123turkey, where influencer can have its own domain name (e.g www redirected to our website ( using new technology method, which any visitor access the influencer domain name will be login to our website and we will trace all that visitors activity throw the application which had made especially for this purpose. Anytime visitor submits order, the Influencer will earn commission on his account


Apply to a influencer program by filling the form in this page, Then our specialist will study your request and after approval your account detail will be shared with you.

Can I join the other marketing program in same time?

Influencer cannot join the Wholesale Program, Affiliate Program, and VIP Program at the same time.

How my domain name will be redirected?

We will do the needful action to configure your domain and your domain will be ready to start.

What if I don’t have Domain name?

We will help you to get your domain name and also we could manage it.

On what products do I earn a commission?

As standard account, you will get commission for all products displayed on website, unless if there is special deal

Who can apply and get benefits of this program?

As it shows from the program name, they are the “influencer” or who has many followers in social media.

Can I stop redirecting my domain name at any time?

Of course, there is no commitment. You reserve the right to redirecting the domain name and stop program at any time.

How you transfer my Commission?

We have Different ways to transfer your money, Paypal,SEBA,Payoneer,Direct Transfer to your Bank*(Charge apply), you can contact us for better way to transfer your amount

Which Country is applicable for Direct Transfer?

We can provide direct transfer to applicable countries, and 5Euro charge applied for each transfer.

Need More Help?

You can contact the Marketing Department throw email [Marketing (@)] or whatsapp : +905343908098